SEO Fundamentals

The fundamental building blocks of SEO outlined below work together to make it easier for search engines to crawl, index, and understand your web content. 

Getting started: From "quick wins" to the more in-depth, the SEO Guide 2019 will lead technical and non-technical communicators through small optimization tasks that make a big difference.

Easy Navigation

Distinctly Different Pages
Avoid duplicate content (exact copies of information).

Links that Lead Somewhere
Insert links to navigate to other webpages.

Web Addresses that Make Sense
Write human-readable URLs.

List of Webpages to Include
Create a sitemap of which webpages to crawl.

List of Webpages to Exclude
Exclude select webpages through Robots.txt.

Mobile Format
Use a mobile-first format to ensure your web content functions correctly on any device.

Technical Fine-Tuning

Quick Load Times
Site speed matters for better user experience and search engine rankings.

One Heading per Page
Header tags tell humans and search engine what your webpage is about.

Page Summary
Meta descriptions determine what search engines display on their results pages.

Text Descriptions of Imagery
Does every image and graphic provide alt text for search bots and screen readers?

High Quality Content

Is the information on your website useful

Does your text content contain the right keywords and in the right places? 

Clear Titles
Every webpage needs a unique title that clearly explains its main topic.

Visually Descriptive
Does your website's imagery load quickly and include text descriptions?

Is your text formatted correctly for reading on the web? 

Trust and Authority

Did you verify your website with Google and Bing?

Are their links from other websites, blogs, social media accounts to your webpage?

Is your website and your visitors' personal information private and secure?


Is your content "thin," and thus, not useful?

Keyword Stuffing
Are you guilty of excessively stuffing keywords into your communications, because you think that "more is better"?